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My 30 Favorite Sets of 2015, part 2

Here is part 2 of my top 30 favorite musical moments of 2015.

Next up is Dinosaur Jr.  This was another date show, and the two of us had both been long time fans and were first time seeing them live. Even the shitty sound system at Black Cat couldn’t ruin the night.

Dinosaur Jr at Black Cat

Yvette at Metro Gallery was inspiring to me to see how the frontman manipulated noise and sound and played his pedals like an instrument.

Yvette at Metro Gallery

This was Faith no More.  I had been a casual fan since the early 90s, and got a ticket for cheap off of Stubhub and had a blast rocking out to their classics, and new material.  This was the show of the year for me.

Faith No More at MPP

Next up was another 90s favorite, Hum.  The highlights for me were Suicide Machine and I Hate it Too.

Hum at 930 Club

Birth (defects) is my next choice.  I am friends with the singer and this was my first time seeing them.  Their noise-rock was right up my alley and I would describe it as killer.

Birth (Defects) at the Ottobar

Pill, was one we decided to randomly catch after another show.  This was the NYC band’s first out of town gig, and they are the SECOND sax mention on my list.  I wish I would have also did the Psychedelic Furs…

Pill at the Crown

I am so glad Locrian include Baltimore when they do these short tours, as this was my second time to see them.  The new album is worth grabbing.

Locrian at Metro Gallery

Thrushes are back.  This was one of the two shows of theirs that I saw this year (for the release of their excellent new album, which is on my Best of Baltimore list).

Thrushes (album Relase) at Metro Gallery

The last one of this bunch was Celebration at Bombadillo Festival.  Celebration has long been one of my favorite bands, and this performance gave me what I needed.

Celebration at Bombadillo

2015 – My Favorite Baltimore Albums


Baltimore again proved to be a treasure trove of amazing art.  A few of the albums I loved.  I also had more that were included on my other lists, like the amazing Noisem or Black Sheep DZ…

Romantic States – Romantic States
Sweepstakes – Tongues Out
Holy Ghost Party – Bayou Music
Blacksage – Basement Vows
Expert Alterations – You Can’t Always Be Liked
Natural Velvet – She Is Me
Wildhoney – Sleep Through It
Thrushes – Exposing Seas
War on Women – War On Women
Dope Body – Kunk

Link to MixCloud mix

Romantic States – Broken Clothes
Sweepstakes – Hands In The Air
Holy Ghost Party – Squiq
Blacksage – Casualty
Expert Alterations – Well Good For You
Natural Velvet – Perfect Roleplay
Wildhoney – Sleep Through It
Thrushes – Joan Of Arc
War on Women – Meathead
Dope Body – Goon Line

photo of wildhoney by me

2/19 – A Place to Bury Strangers, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Thrushes, Black Clouds at Metro Gallery

Today I am playing catch up on blog posts.  After making a resolution to blog about every show that I attend in 2015, i immediately disregarded it and now I have three shows to write about at once.  Oh well, I can do this.  I promise to step it up and at least do my show write ups in a timely manner, and with the event fresher in my mind.

First off, it was a cold night.  Snow was piled everywhere in Baltimore, and it took us a long time to find a parking spot.  When we did park, it was a sprint down several snowy blocks of city and we arrived shivering at Metro Gallery with opening band Black Clouds already playing on the stage.  I did not miss much of their set, and was really into their post-metal jams.  I did not realize that this DC band was a three piece, as they have a sound that sounds like more than three people are creating it.  They do this by having a guitarist who also handles synth duty.  Their light/laser show was a lot of fun as well, and added an extra element to their set.


After they finished, it was the band that I was the most excited to see that night, Thrushes.  This Baltimore shoegaze band has been one of my favorites for over five years, with their albums Sun Come Undone and Night Falls in heavy rotation at various points.  They went away a couple years ago, and I was surprised to see that they were playing again.  They played some new tunes (which they are recording with J Robbins) and plenty of old ones as well.  I thought they sounded great, and even with a long break, did not sound rusty at all.  I really look forward to seeing them again, and hearing the new record.  With Thrushes, Wildhoney, and Dead Mellotron all currently active/semi-active, the Baltimore shoegaze scene is healthy and I look forward to many future shows.


After Thrushes came another Baltimore band, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat.  I do not think I had seen them since the last Whartscape in 2010.  Too bad, as I was blown away by the tunes, the showmanship, and the stage banter of Ed Schrader and his bass playing cohort, Devlin.  They played in darkness, with only a light under the floor tom Ed bangs on, for illumination.  He was really funny and I do not understand why he is not a major star in the United States.


The last band of the night was A Place to Bury Strangers.  They were on tour to promote their new album, Transfixation.  This was my second time seeing them (the first being at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC a couple years ago).  They did not disappoint.  They played loud.  The drums crashed and thundered.  The bass roared.  The guitars screamed.  Everything including vocals was covered in a haze of fuzz.  As for the assault on my other senses, their light and laser show, and insane amounts of fog kept the visual stimuli interesting.  The guys are really insane showmen.  Guitars swing, guitars are thrown to the ceiling, pedals are stomped and heads in the crowd are banged.


(photos by me and originally from my Instagram page @killsaly )