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2015 Best of the Rest Part 2

And the rest of my favorite albums!  This one is kinda random and is whatever else what leftover.


SPORTS – All of Something
Colleen Green – I want to Grow Up
Chastity Belt – Time to Go Home
Shannon And The Clams – Gone by the Dawn
Placebo – MTV Unplugged
Justin Bieber – Purpose
Low – Ones and Sixes
Royal Headache – High
Faith No More – Sol Invictus
Killing Joke – Pylon


Mix Tracklist:

SPORTS – Get Bummed Out
Colleen Green – TV
Chastity Belt – Joke
Shannon And The Clams – Corvette
Placebo – Post Blue (MTV Unplugged)
Justin Bieber – I’ll Show You
Low – Lies
Royal Headache – Carolina
Faith No More – Cone of Shame
Killing Joke – New Cold War

photo of Chastity Belt by me

My 30 Favorite Sets of 2015, part 2

Here is part 2 of my top 30 favorite musical moments of 2015.

Next up is Dinosaur Jr.  This was another date show, and the two of us had both been long time fans and were first time seeing them live. Even the shitty sound system at Black Cat couldn’t ruin the night.

Dinosaur Jr at Black Cat

Yvette at Metro Gallery was inspiring to me to see how the frontman manipulated noise and sound and played his pedals like an instrument.

Yvette at Metro Gallery

This was Faith no More.  I had been a casual fan since the early 90s, and got a ticket for cheap off of Stubhub and had a blast rocking out to their classics, and new material.  This was the show of the year for me.

Faith No More at MPP

Next up was another 90s favorite, Hum.  The highlights for me were Suicide Machine and I Hate it Too.

Hum at 930 Club

Birth (defects) is my next choice.  I am friends with the singer and this was my first time seeing them.  Their noise-rock was right up my alley and I would describe it as killer.

Birth (Defects) at the Ottobar

Pill, was one we decided to randomly catch after another show.  This was the NYC band’s first out of town gig, and they are the SECOND sax mention on my list.  I wish I would have also did the Psychedelic Furs…

Pill at the Crown

I am so glad Locrian include Baltimore when they do these short tours, as this was my second time to see them.  The new album is worth grabbing.

Locrian at Metro Gallery

Thrushes are back.  This was one of the two shows of theirs that I saw this year (for the release of their excellent new album, which is on my Best of Baltimore list).

Thrushes (album Relase) at Metro Gallery

The last one of this bunch was Celebration at Bombadillo Festival.  Celebration has long been one of my favorite bands, and this performance gave me what I needed.

Celebration at Bombadillo

Dragged to Hell Volume 35

Dragged to Hell 35 clocks in just under 70 minutes and was an attempt at creating a narrative through a 20 song mix. It has peaks, valleys, and hopefully some new artists for you to enjoy.



Joanna Gruesome – There Is No Function Stacy
Cherubs – Sandy On The Beach
Clean Girls – No New Friends
VEXX – Falling Down
Pianos Become the Teeth – The Queen
whenskiesaregray – Timelines
Superheaven – All the Pain
The Vaccines – Want You So Bad
Downtown Boys – Future Police
Sneaks – New Taste
elvis depressedly – thou shall not murder
93millionmilesfromthesun – New Day Comes
Malka – Diamond Girl
Faith No More – Matador
Noisem – Trail Of Perturbation
Holly Herndon – Locker Leak
Jamie xx – The Rest Is Noise
Container – Remover
SPC ECO – Playing Games
Blacksage – Casualty

Photo of Downtown Boys by me (from a 2015 Wind Up Space show)