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Hexenjagd – Dragged to Hell 15


The fifteenth edition of Dragged to Hell is full of dark, noisy, and oftentimes beautiful music that I have been listening to lately.  Most of the mix features newer tunes, but I did throw in a few classics as well. 17 tracks, 57 minutes.



2. cloud becomes your hand – lord looks good
3. Moon Mirror – Cold
4.Starfoxxx – #GIRLS
5. Chiffon – Alpha Spit
6. Shadowrunners – Megazord
7. Horse Head – ‘We Can Win’
8. ▲NDRΛS – 1000 Knives
9. Xyloid – Space
10. Mater Suspiria Vision – Paracusia
11. TALK ALL NIGHT – Surveillance
12. Andrea – Your Morning (Sun Glitters Remix)
13. Lil B – Vampires
14. Yung Lean – Gatorade [Prod. Yung Gud]
15. Raindeer – Monster
16. Noah23 – Coming Home
17. D/SIR – Nemesis

Photo by Jessica Remington and edited by me

Hexenjagd – Dragged to Hell 14


Dragged to Hell 14 is a dark journey through post-punk, witch house, hip hop, and other types of music that I am currently enjoying.  As always, I have linked the artists’ websites on their names in the setlist.  If you dig any of them, please follow my example and toss them a couple of dollars! We all have to do our part to make sure the music we enjoy is still able to be produced. Anyways, I don’t mean to preach, but it is definitely something I am passionate about.



1. NФΔH ஜ3 – JΔGuΔЯ
2. DJ SMURPHY – June
3. Pleasure Leftists – 100 Years (The Cure cover)
4. KKING FELIXX – feeling like a ghost too
5. Flash/lights – Ruby Sun
6. Tantrum – Day of Fun
7. JANE WOODMAN – Black Forest
8. HAARPS – Underground (feat. Bobbi Dahl)
9. Dani Shivers! – Trilogy Pt. 3 (Ghost)
10. Le1f– Hush Bb (produced by Boody)
11. Tempers – Killing For Company (Swans Cover)
12. Talk All Night – Dig For Babel
13. Which Magic – Breeezin
14. Police Academy 6 – Gallow
15. Abdu Ali – BLEED
16. Matmos – Very Large Green Triangles
17. Night Vision – Betrayal
18. Von Haze – Conduct Your Touch

Cover/Photo by me


I came across this four track gem after a web search of “Mexican witch house.” One of the first results was Maligna, a record label out of Mexico City.  I was already familiar with their work, due to two of my favorites, Ritualz and Teehn Bwitches, releasing music on it.  I checked out their excellent Bandcamp page, and there it was #SMURPHWAVE.  The name alone conjured all kinds of based feelings, and I decided to go with my gut and toss a couple of bucks towards this “pay what you want” release.  The music is electronic jams you can groove to, and the singing, while I couldn’t understand her all of the time, was excellent in its Spanish and English mixture.

Hexenjagd – Dragged to Hell 13


The 13th edition of the Dragged to Hell mix series finds hip hop pairing with noise; noise rock pairing with witch house; electronic darkness and a bit of light.  This mix features a semi-coherent storyline via the modern horror classic samples.



LTTLE PHNX – Infinity Kiss
Laurel Halo – “M-14”
Spark Master Tape – Charlies Episode [Produced by Paper Platoon]
Mike Shiflet – Track 05
NФΔH ஜ3 – Ҥ€Яற€†iℭΔŁŁ¥ §€ΔŁ€Ð
H3X3N and SH4M4N – Solar Sail
Coco ᴐaᴚᴃoᵯᴃ (Prod. by Nattymari) – NATALIE NATALIA
Clean Girls – Never Wobble in Boots
Wolf Eyes – Born Liar
M.E.R.K. – i dont need no body (Chiffon Remix)
Douglas J McCarthy – Taken (Original Mix)
Pharmakon – Crawling on Bruised Knees
Sandwiches – Sandwiches vs. Trife Crispers
killsaly – drone1
Nate Young Regression – Worlds Behind
▇ LBlack heart (cards)ѵʒﬦɨϵﬦ ▇✞ – gRave Dancer
Vayda – Misery

LTTLE PHNX – D’Esprit Luvrs

Sometimes you hear an artist and you think to yourself, “Damn, when the rest of the world hears this, they are going to be HUGE!” Of course due to the fickle nature of the internet, this doesn’t always happen.  But I can see big things in store for this artist.  From her Bandcamp page:

“D’Esprit Luvrs is the debut album from New Zealand’s lovelorn synth-siren Lttle Phnx (AKA Dancer/Singer/Synthesist: Lucy Beeler of Auckland City). A hypnotic nine tracks of heavy heart-throb beats, conflicted bass-dirge, and ethereal lamentation. Haunted-pop that has grown through teenage flirtations with the occult and black nail polish to deliver a luminous deep-blue-vs-black alternate-gothic-pop. D’Esprit Luvrs is an evocation of the Old Gods of Synth-Pop via Disintegration, an ode to the maturity of knowing you are happiest in Robert-Smithian outside-looking-in longing.

The album is available free on Crystal Magic Records Bandcamp page, but I would suggest tossing a few dollars their way. Follow this artist on Facebook.

Spell Hound – Guerrilla

Aural Sects once again prove why they are the kings of the internet.  Aural Sects is a forward-thinking netlabel (and one I dedicated a whole Dragged to Hell mix to) that mainly puts out free releases.  This EP is no different (though if there was a pay option, I would gladly do it for this release).  It is the creation of Spell Hound, a moniker used by (according to the small info section) McKaylea and Evin.  I do not know much about these individuals, save the fact that they make beautiful, dark music.  Its a nice mix of witchy beats, and ethereal vocals.  Spell Hound could be the next big thing.  Or they can remain a hidden gem in a sea of music.  Either way, this EP is essential, and if there is a canon of dark electronic music, this would definitely be on that list.


The ever prolific witch house/dark electronic artist BLVCK CEILING recently released this gem.  Neon Columbia is his third release on genre standard label Phantasma Disques.  This album comes on the heels of a slew of great releases, including his collaborative album with Moon Mirror, under the guise of That Was Then This is Now, and his three volumes of LOST collections.  Neon Columbia is no different.  Seven tracks of what we have all came to love and expect from this producer; hard hip hop beats, synth soundscapes, and enough darkness to keep the most jaded goth happy.  Toss him a few dollars at bandcamp (the physical release sold out extremely fast) today!