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Dragged to Hell Volume 35

Dragged to Hell 35 clocks in just under 70 minutes and was an attempt at creating a narrative through a 20 song mix. It has peaks, valleys, and hopefully some new artists for you to enjoy.



Joanna Gruesome – There Is No Function Stacy
Cherubs – Sandy On The Beach
Clean Girls – No New Friends
VEXX – Falling Down
Pianos Become the Teeth – The Queen
whenskiesaregray – Timelines
Superheaven – All the Pain
The Vaccines – Want You So Bad
Downtown Boys – Future Police
Sneaks – New Taste
elvis depressedly – thou shall not murder
93millionmilesfromthesun – New Day Comes
Malka – Diamond Girl
Faith No More – Matador
Noisem – Trail Of Perturbation
Holly Herndon – Locker Leak
Jamie xx – The Rest Is Noise
Container – Remover
SPC ECO – Playing Games
Blacksage – Casualty

Photo of Downtown Boys by me (from a 2015 Wind Up Space show)

My Favorite Rock releases of 2014

This is my last list of releases and it was  probably the hardest list make.  I think 2014 had some excellent releases across all genres/subgenres of guitar based rock and roll music.  From heavy metal to indie, there were some excellent releases.  As with my first two lists, I made a mix that you can listen to on Mixcloud with a track from each release.



Ramesh – the King:  I was a huge Voxtrot fan, and was able to catch them live a few times before they decided to call it quits several years ago.  And then here comes Ramesh, dropping a solo record that made the Voxtrot fan in me smile.
Holy Wave – Relax:  This is the first of two psychedelic releases that I included on this list.   I saw them open for GOAT once and have been a big fan ever since.  This is a playful, summer record.  Sometimes I get a Beach Boys vibe off of them.
Temples – Sun Structures:  This is the second psych release on the list.  They have really blown up this year, going from DC9 to the 930 Club for DC venues, quite the upgrade.  They have nice sing-a-long sound with lots of harmony; also, slightly hypnotic and groovy.
Lagwagon – Hang:  I was not into Lagwagon in the 90s, but started listening to them in the early 2000s when I saw a CD of theirs at a used record shop and noticed the Fat Wreck Chords stamp on the back, and I have not looked back.  Everything they do is great.   Joey’s voice is as good as ever, and while the lyrics of his music reflect a more grown up persona, there is still that playfulness that is a Lagwagon trademark.  Oh, and it has been 9 years since their last full length (6 since their last EP) and it doesn’t sound at all like they have missed a beat.
Sorority Noise – forgettable:  This was a random find, and I am glad I found them.  I was checking out random bands playing Metro Gallery in Baltimore, and found these guys.  While I didn’t go to the show (which I regret), I have become a huge fan.  I don’t know what to call this.  Pop-Punk.  Emo.  Post something or another.  Whatever it is, it is another one you can sing with, with songs about life.  I can see these guys becoming a Hot Topic crowd favorite, but wont let that stop me digging them.  Plus my fiance likes them, so it is always good when we can enjoy the same bands.
Nothing – Guilty of Everything:  Although I am still a huge shoegaze fan, Nothing was the only band making that kind of noise to make this list.  They are also extremely polarizing.  I have friends who dig them, and friends who hate them.  I am on the love side of the spectrum, and finally caught them live at the Ottobar for a festival.
Godflesh – A World Lit Only by Fire:  Goldflesh!  They are the Aphex Twin of this list, as it was also thirteen years between their records.  This is heavy industrial music.  I was a big industrial fan in the 1990s for a while, and this release brings me back to that time in my life.
Swans – To Be Kind:  This is a hard listen.  Long songs.  Two hours long.  Brutal riffs.  Beautiful melodies.  Gira and company continue their trajectory of making excellent albums after their 14 year absence from 1997 to 2010.  My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky is still my favorite post-reformation album by them, but this one is still great.  I look forward to seeing them for time number three next year.
Cavalera Conspiracy – Pandemonium: I have been a fan of Max and Igor Cavalera for a long time; ever since Chaos AD came out by Sepultura.  I do not dig new Sepultura without Max, and I do not really dig Max’s band, Soulfly.  But Cavalera Conspiracy?  Them I do dig.  Crushing riffs, brutal drumming, Max’s roaring vocals – it is everything I would want from those brothers.  They even include traditional Brazilian elements to some of the songs, which was always one of my favorite parts of their old music.
the Skull Defekts – Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown:  I saw the Skull Defekts twice.  Once with Daniel Higgs, and this year, without him.  It was still an uplifting night of what they dub street metal.  This album captures that same vibe, with their music being very percussive and can almost induce a trance in the listener.  I cant wait to dig into their SECOND 2014 album, which they actually called Street Metal, one of these days soon, as I bet it also shreds.

Photograph/cover by me of the Skull Defekts at the Gold Bar in Baltimore in 2014

Hexenjagd – Dragged to Hell 19


Dragged to Hell 19 is hip hop heavy. Commercial and underground are mixed in this mix, side by side. Most of the popular tunes are slowed down.

This mix also features a little bit of noise and experimental music at the end.  (originally released a couple months ago.  Volume 20 coming soon)


Force Publique – Sacrifice
Milky Chance – Stolen Dance
Ami Dang – Kissed by the Fire
Tinashe – 2 On (feat. Schoolboy Q)
Abdu Ali – Shiva (prod. by B L A C K I E)
Shabazz Palaces – …down 155th in the MCM Snorkel
Waka Flocka – Move That Dope (DatPiff
clipping – guns.up
Atari Teenage Riot – We Are From the Internet
Puerto Rico Flowers – After The Weekend
Ellah A. Thaun – K I L L YouR F R I E N D S
Locrian – Triumph of Elimination
York Factory Complaint – Loved

cover/picture by me

Hexenjagd – Dragged to Hell 17



Dragged to Hell 17 features 22 rock and roll tracks from some amazing female voices that are currently kicking ass. The tracks run the gamut from indie folk to noise-punk.  1 hour and 10 minutes long. Image was taken by me of the only Afghan girl that I saw in 9 months.

SoftSpot – The Cleansing Hour
Which Magic – High Already
the Courtneys – Insufficient Funds
Body/Head – Everything Left
SLUTEVER – No Offense
Jail Solidarity – Cries and Hues
Manic Sheep – You Lie, You Choke the Rules We Trust
Pleasure Leftists – Passage on a Ghost Ship
Shannon And The Clams – Into A Dream
Potty Mouth – Damage
White Murder – Safety in Numbers
Speedy Ortiz – Tiger Tank
the Stargazer Lilies – Sad Colored Tears
SISU – Light Eyes
Veronica Falls – If You Still Want Me
Joanna Gruesome – Satan
Young Trynas – Be Gone
GOAT – Run To Your Mama
Hunters – Brat Mouth
Magik Markers – Mirrorless
Perfect Pussy – III

Hexenjagd – Dragged to Hell 10: the Fall of Caligula


The two part Rise and Fall of Caligula series ends here.  From Witch house to DOOM. (March 2013)


320 kbps MP3

1. Synthetic Epiphany & CoMa – Perpetuate
2. Marie Dior – Neuköllner Tor
3. THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW – The Pledge (The Rescue)
4. Holy Other – U Now
5. transient stellar – lores
6. Fifty Grand – Leaving the Body
7. Doug E. Fresh – Spirit (dragged)
8. Sorrow – Girl I Miss You
9. Police Academy 6 + Arrete – ‘Gold Coast
10. Naadyn – Heart Bleed
11. Sun Glitters – He waits for me (feat. Deborah Lehnen)
12. Ulrich Schnauss – I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance
14. cult of dom keller – call of the black mass
15. Cough – Crippled Wizard

cover is found image of a picture of a fund bust of Caligula, edited by me.

∜♡MDISCS 2K13 compilation (2 Discs)

Over 70 track 2013 Compilation of one of my favorite labels, AMdISCS. For Free.

Link to Compilation

Part 1


0VERTURE Sand Circles – ‘Innercity Haze (’91 remix by 1991)

01 a i r s p o r t s – ‘Dubbed in 3D’


03 AyGeeTee – ‘Palm Eyes’

04 Danniel Radall – ‘On My Own’ (Cassette Rip)

05 Black Jeans – ‘Librarian’


07 Police Academy 6 + Arrete – ‘Gold Coast’

08 Kiwi Sisters – ‘Lovely Gallows’

09 Dreams – ‘Workz’

10 ACTRESS PETS – ‘Lesser Actresses (Better Pets)’

11 BEN AQUA – ‘Glass Of Shattered Glass’

12 Jogging House – ‘You Don’t Talk’ (feat. Kat Kaufmann)


14 C V L T S – ‘GIRL FISH’

15 Honeydrum – ‘A Year Of My Love’ (DEMO)

16 Gabriel White – ‘What v2.0 Do’

17 NUDITY – ‘Lite U Up’

18 ROMCOM – ‘とても滑らか’

19 ESPRIT 空想 – ‘cruiser’

20 Giraffage – ‘Computer City’ (Go Dugong Remix)

21 Shisa – ‘Flowers’

22 Jaaska – ‘The Elsa’

23 Luxury Elite – ‘Datacorder’

24 Coolmemoryz – ‘Grid Life’

25 Infinity Frequencies – ‘The Sultans Garden’


27 Horse Head – ‘We Can Win’



30 LUXXY YOU – ”Get ∆ Lil Better’

31 MIMICS – ‘Bad Gateway’

32 Spirit Guide & R00fi – ‘Wanna’

33 Haarps – ‘My Doom’

34 Politesse – ‘God Babe’

35 SAINT PEPSI – ‘Balancing Towers’

36 Coca-Cola 3 – ‘Asian Gang’

37 Lenticular Clouds – ‘The Heartshifter’

38 Ramzi – ‘Pou Yon Mond Nouvo’

39 LESPHINXX – ‘City Glow’

40 Afrika Pseudobruitismus – ‘Morocco Trance into Mars Club’

41 333 Boyz – ‘The Patriot’



X 0VERTURE Dan Svizeny (Cough Cool) – ‘Gary’s Diamond’

X 01 2ØXX – ‘CH1Bд PET’

X 02 AyGeeTee – ‘Always’

X 03 /please/ – ‘k8′



X 06 Matthew Dotson – ‘Don’t Want to Hold on to Never’



X 09 Lockbox – ‘LUST 2.0′

X 10 ɢʟıɫcʜ ᴬᴺᴰ ɢʟıɫɫɛʀ – ‘♆’

X 11 Nø d – ‘HARDPOP’

X 12 Myrrh Ka Ba – ‘Astral Disco’

X 13 PARTY TRASH – ‘Relax (Fifty Grand Rework)’

X 14 Textbeak x Voctave – ‘Supernature’


X 16 UXO – ‘Jupiter Funk’

X 17 karman – ‘Wifi Emotion’

X 18 play/talk – ‘On My Own’

X 19 The Temptations – ‘Just My Imagination (Krusht Remix)’

X 20 Kimono Kops – ‘Driving To The Shore’


X 22 Nmesh – ‘ニミシララス InDoorFun ハナミ’

X 23 SAINT PEPSI – ‘Pineapple Juniors’

X 24 Shisd – ‘Heard-Crashed’

X 25 NIMA – ‘Insidemiluv’

X 26 MEWL – ‘Stop Caring’

X 27 My Panda Shall Fly & Vimana Aircraft – ‘One (2013 Edit)’

X 28 Soul Ipsum – ‘Sea Limousine’

X 29 German Army – ‘Sultan Skin’

X 30 Kikiilimikilii – ‘Voodoo In The Afternoon’

killsaly – PSYCH 101


24 track mix of old and new psychedelic (and psychedelic tinged) music.  Classic Rock to Shoegaze. It is interspersed with pieces of a lecture Hunter S Thompson gave at Boulder University in 1977. mix by me.  1 hour, 33 minutes.


256 kbps MP3

1. The Wands – The Door
2. SoftSpot – Disciple Fix
3. Jefferson Airplane – Greasy Heart
4. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapour – Doom
5. Foxygen – Oh Yeah
6. the Zombies – Just Out Of Reach
7. Holy Wave – Sleeping
8. three dimensional tanx – Psychedelic Sun
9. VERMA – Saqqara
10. cult of dom keller – black pullet blues
11. Tiger Waves – Laughing All The Way
12. Mother Sun Flower – I Will End You
13. the Flying Eyes – Bad Blood
14. Syd Barrett – Golden Hair
15. Black Elk Speaks – Fire Sacrifice (Prince Rama)
16. Celebration – Blood Is The Brine
17. Secret Mountains – Gate Gate Paragate
18. The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreaming
19. Goat – Golden Dawn
20. Mogwai – Hunted By A Freak
21. Gliss – Lovers In the Bathroom
22. Black Sabbath – Tomorrow’s Dream
23. Dead Confederate – Get Away
24. EYE – Restorers

cover image by killsaly

PC Worship – Toxic Love


This one almost defies categorization.  Its definitely dark and psychedelic.  Guitars swirl, vocals creep, acoustic tracks… Its all over the place (in a good way) and I love it.  I randomly came across this NYC band listed as openers for an upcoming Roomrunner/Dope Body show in Baltimore, and will sum this up by quoting their Bandcamp page:

“PC Worship kick it dense and heavy with a damaged crude DIY psych edge that often transcends into totally catchy melodic and repetitive jammers” duh

8 tracks, 7 bucks.