1/8 – Princess Reason, Lunch Cult, Berverly Tender, Andrew Bernstein at the Crown

2016 is here!  It took me a week, but I finally went to a show.  And thank goodness I did; I was actually planning on staying home that day, and then decided to go out a few hours before.  The bill was stacked (from both what I already knew, and what I had heard from the unknown groups’ Bandcamp pages). I hopped into my car and headed north.

I got to the Crown 15 minutes late, but that was no issue as the first artist was just getting ready to perform.  First up was musician extraordinaire; Andrew Bernstein.  I was already familiar with his work, he is in one of my favorite bands, Horse Lords.  This was my first time to see him solo, and he did not disappoint.  He wailed on his sax for around 20 minutes in an impressive display of skill.  He was accompanied by a laptop, but the sound was so loud that I could really only hear the sax; which was fine, the sax playing was amazing.  It was also an appropriate set to sit in a chair and zone out. Check out Andrew’s solo music at Bandcamp.


Next up was extremely new to me band, Beverly Tender.  I guess they make indie rock.  Whatever it is called, it was pleasant and fun and I really dug the vocalists style, both live and on record.  I would definitely go see them again.


The third band of the night was Lunch Cult.  This was the band’s sixth ever show.  I could not tell that from their performance.  Their playing was extremely tight.  They also switch instruments, and singing duties throughout their set and they all seem to be capable song writers, lyricists, drummers, bassists, and guitar players (though one dude did not drum and one did not play the bass).  All in all they had a fun energy and I grabbed a copy of their excellent tape.


The last of the night was Princess Reason. I was expecting maybe a solo acoustic set, but was instead treated to a full band experience.  It was reminiscent of the  loud soft dynamics of grunge, with chorus and verses and parts where the Big Muff was stomped.  I am not sure if it is the permanent band, but the group featured members of Boy Spit and Romantic States.


All images by me and from my Instagram account


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