4/11 – the Body, Noisem, babelfishh, Curse at Charm City Art Space

So here I am again, playing catchup with my blog posts.  I don’t know why I feel the urge to slack off and do nothing most nights, as I could be writing.  Or a lot of things.  The point is, here is another post.  The third in a day.  This gotta be a record for me.

Anyway, I had a great time at this show.  I actually a mission at the show, other than just seeing some good music.  My first mission was to deliver a box of cassettes to babelfishh.  He was supposed to be opening the show, but was nowhere to be found.  So I stood there with a box of tapes between my feet, and watched the first act of the night.  Curse are a band that I was slightly familiar with, but had not ever seen them or heard their music.  I was digging the sounds they were able to get as a two-piece.  It was a cool electronic set that also featured some enthusiastic vocals.


After Curse finished I overheard a person asking if anyone knew where the promoter was.  I put two and two together, figured this was babelfishh, and I brought him his tapes.  My mission was a success, and I Had an Accident records saved some shipping and handling.  He was the second set of the afternoon (oh yeah, it was a day show).  He skipped using the stage and instead setup his gear in the middle of the floor (a music box of some sort with pedals) and proceeded to give an inspiring set that left most of the crowd a bit bewildered.  They were there for metal and noise, and his blend of hip hop and noise and everything else was unexpected.  He did win the crowd over when he would do his death metal guy voice rapping, and I enjoyed the performance.


Next up was Noisem.  They are a local metal band. They rule.  Their set was loud and fast and heavy.  Shout out to the punker who tried to get a pit going.


The final band of the day was the Body.  I have only recently became a fan of them, and this was my first time seeing them live. I first found out about them when they teamed With the Haxan Cloak for the excellent album, I Shall Die Here.  I also listened to their collaborative work with Thou; You, Whom I Have Always Hated and Released From Love.  But this set was my first exposure to their music as a duo.  I loved it.  Their stack of amps crushed my soul and vibrated my being.  It was one of the loudest spectacles that I had ever experienced.  Thankfully I had on my earplugs.  There was a couple next to me and the woman had her fingers shoved in her ears the whole set.  I did not understand why she did not move towards the back, or tried to get some earplugs (I imagine someone was selling them).  I bought two shirts, as they had some great designs, one for me and one for my fiancee.  I cant wait to see them again (I regretfully had to skip them a couple nights ago).

the body

All images by me from my Instagram

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