2/25 – Helmet at Black Cat

I will keep this one short.  Helmet had a solid run of albums for me in the 90s, including the excellent Betty, and I consider it a classic.  This day I was able to see it live.  They played it and minus a couple tiny hiccups (missed lyrics, sound issues (but I do not ever like the sound at the Black Cat, it is not great) it was a blast to the past and a lot of fun.  I had never seen a Band X plays Album Y show before, that I remember, so that was a weird sensation; knowing what was coming next.  I left after the Betty set, as I did not want to sit through any of their 2000s musical output.  I do like other 90s albums, but I was satisfied with my Betty experience.  I bought a shirt and called it a day.  I had dug this shirt since my friend had it in high school (a different color, but the same graphic).  I broke my avoid DC for anything but work rule for this, and DC did not disappoint in experiencing 30 minutes of looking for parking and running to the show so I did not miss a note.


photo by me from my Instagram account


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