Dragged to Hell 26

Dragged to Hell 26 is the latest installment of my long running mix series.  It runs the gamut of genres, from politically charged feminist punk to post rock (and Bjork).  Enjoy!  73 minutes run time. dragged26



War On Women – Pro-Life:  War on Women rock.  They play punk rock with a message.  Kick ass live and on record. They are the first of many Baltimore on this mix.

Priests – Design Within Reach:  DC based, politically charged punk.  Singer Katie screams her way through this ripper and the rest of the band rock the way through.

Jail Solidarity – No Fly List:  Jail Solidarity is another DC band.  They are kind of like Swans.  Pummeling riffs.  Screams.  Can you see a theme here for this mix?

Bloody Knives – Too Far Gone:  These Austin shoegaze/noise/metal deliver on this track off of their 2014 split with Screen Vinyl Image.

The Body and Thou – Terrible Lie (nine inch nails cover:  Two forces of nature.  One classic track.  An epic cover that transforms the original into a hellish nightmare.

The Soft Pink Truth – Maniac [written by Hellhammer]:  Drew Daniel of Matmos has a side project that is house music, and this track is from his collection of black metal covers done in his electronic style.

Obnox – All Hail The Dee Jay:  I do not know much about this artist, but decided to give the album this is from, a spin, and really enjoyed it.

Four Fists – MMMMMHMMMM:  This super group features Astronautalis, and that is pretty much all you need to know.  Oh yeah, plus P.O.S!  What????

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – Weekend Train:  ESMB is a two piece from Baltimore.  This is one of their more subdued tracks, just bass and Ed’s voice, singing about what you see on a weekend train.

Raindeer – Slayer:  They have been a staple on the Baltimore scene for a few years.  They are a lot of fun live, and their infectious energy comes through in their records.

Wildhoney – Tea Leaves:  Wildhoney keeps the Baltimore trend running with their brand of shoegaze goodness.  Dreamy and fuzzy and rocking.

Roomrunner – Ms. DNA:  Roomrunner change it up a bit on their J Robbins recored 2014 Accidental Guest release, Separate.  The noise rock crew was joined by J Robbins and recorded this EP in Baltimore.

Dark Blue – Sounds Like Hell On Earth: Former Clockcleaner and Puerto Rican Flowers frontman’s newest band features vocals similar to PRF while losing the synths and punk of his other projects for a straight up rock release.

California X – Summer Wall, Pt. 1:  I do not know much about this band.  This song and the release it is from, are pretty rocking.

SPORTS – You’re So Sorry:  I love Sports.  They are a new favorite of mine.

Nots – Strange Rage:  Punk with some noise.  Female vocals.  Awesome.

The Sidekicks – Jesus Christ Supermalls:  They might be the Band of Horses little brothers vocally, but they have their own sound and vibe, and it shines through on this track.

The Gotobeds – Wasted On Youth/Melted Candle:  They are fun live and on this record.  I can see big things for this crew.

Black Clouds – And Then I Dove: Post metal from DC, I finally caught them live opening for A Place to Bury Strangers, and was thoroughly impressed.

Mount Eerie – This:  I thought this track fit nicely to slow it down a bit before the end.

Bjork – History of Touche: Bjork is on fire.  Her newest album is one of her strongest.  I really dig it and became a fan again, almost twenty years after first listening to her.

Elisa Ambrogio – Superstitious:  Magik Markers singer and guitarist recently released this solo record.  You can feel the emotion come through in her singing and her guitar playing.  I saw her on tour for this once so far, and look forward to time number 2 in a couple months with Six Organs of Admittance.  Also, she is one of the nicest people.

Photo of War on Women by me (at their Metro Gallery record release show)


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