2/6 – War on Women, Big Mouth, Dai Burger at Metro Gallery

Another catch up post.  I went to the record release party for War on Women.  It went something like this.

Dai Burger was the first artist I caught.  She had an infectious energy about her, and rocked her 15 minute set.  She was joined on stage by local artist TT the Artist, who did provided backup dancing for such jams like Souffle.


Big Mouth were up next.  They rocked as always.  She got in the crowd and screamed in people’s faces.  RAWK.  That was like the eighth time I had seen them.


War on Women were fantastic.  I was a fan of them from an EP (and they played my favorite jam Hey Adam off of it) and was blown away by their new jams (I bought the album so I could jam in my car).  The lyrics are poignant and biting,  I can really feel the emotion of the singer.  The music is no slouch either, super punk rock jams.  I am definitely a fan.  There was a nice pit too.  I had never seen that many women moshing.  It was bad ass, and will definitely be in my favorite sets of the year list.  Success.


All photos by me


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