1/31 – Wet Brain, Crimson Wave, Hive Bent, Friendbeast, The Degenerettes at Sidebar

For my second show of 2015, I went to a fundraiser show for the group, Hollaback.  I am catching up so this is going to be brief…

The first band of the night was The Degenerettes.  I had never heard them before.  I think they were pretty good.  I think I have seen their drummer in another band before.  They seemed like some solid peeps.


Second up was Friendbeast.  The bass player is the uncle (maybe step uncle) of my friend.   My friend is in a band with me called Cool is Forever Now.  Neat.  He was nice.  I told him I knew Justin.  Their music was loud and their screaming singer sang in the crowd.


Hive Bent played next.  I fucking love Hive Bent.  I have seen them a few times and they always rock.  A +


Next up was Crimson Wave, a band that I had not seen live in a couple years.  They decided to call it a day, so the next time I see them, opening for Superheaven, it will be their last show… Say it ain’t so, as I have been a fan since Baltimore Popfest 2013.


The last band of the night was Wet Brain.  Too many cameras!  I think this is the show that caused UN Booking to say enough with the million of flashes and all that.  The band was great as always.  Before they played, the Hollaback (anti street harassment organization) organizer said thanks and I was later told I kept screaming “I ain’t no hollaback girl!” a few times. All in all a great night!


All photos by me


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