Weekends/Small Apartments/Wing Dam/Goblin Mold at the Ottobar

If only I was usually this prolific! Three posts within a day? Unheard of around these parts.  I told myself I was going to write more, and then I only post once in January.  Once.  Oh well, I now have to play catch up, as I went to a few concerts since then, and definitely have been enjoying new music.

I wont go into too many details, but I promised someone a ride to Baltimore and I had to deliver.  I was beat.  I was starting to feel sick.  But I sucked it up and got my ass to the Ottobar.  Because, what can only be labeled a “chill rager” was about to happen.

I got there early and had a bit of time to kill.  I grabbed a beer and a spot near the stage.  The venue was extremely empty, and after a slight delay, it was showtime.  Goblin Mold was up first.  They had been on my radar for a little while (after touring with Wing Dam) but this was my first time experiencing them live.  The band featured two guitarists (one that sang and one that looked barely old enough to buy smokes) and a drummer.  They played mellow tracks, masterfully sewn together with quick guitar phrases and a steady beat.


Next up was Wing Dam.  This was my third time seeing them, but the first time at a proper rock club (both other times on outdoor stages at music fests; ScapeScape and Hopscotch).  They played a set of (almost) all new material (the exception being one of my personal favorites, Cocoon) that should be getting recorded for their next release over the next few months.


Small Apartments played third.  This spinoff band (of Free Electric State) played a fun set.  I do not know their music all that well, but enjoyed what I heard.  By this point the crowd was getting packed, and they seemed to also enjoy the rocking tunes.


Last up was Weekends.  I was ready.  I hadn’t seen this fun two-piece since a show at former DIY spot in DC back in 2011.  They were just what I remembered.  Fuzzed out rock, played by two guys taking turns swapping singing, guitar playing, and drumming.  The crowd loved it and sang along to their signature delayed vocals.  I was in bliss. I left the venue glad I made a promise to give someone a ride, or I might have skipped out on an awesome music experience with some of Baltimore’s finest.


(pictures by me)

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