PIXIES at Electric Factory 1/24/13

I finally saw the Pixies live.  It only took two decades of me being a fan.  Well how was it?  It was great.

We loaded up the car and left Dragged to Hell HQ a little bit outside of Baltimore.  The temperature on my dash displayed a freezing, mocking number that flitted between 15 and 20 degrees.  I was ready for it; I had my Robocop beanie pulled tight and my near Arctic explorer jacket buttoned tight.

This was a roadtrip; Pixies sadly announced their dc show as being at a… A theater.  Not a rock club.  So we (myself and partner in tow, the tickets being Christmas gifts from a few weeks prior) traveled to Philadelphia that night, braving the elements and the city itself, to see the 80s and 90s alternative rock icons in what I thought would be a better environment (and upon hearing reports of the DC show, I was right).  And it was worth it.  Somehow we timed it so that we arrived at the end of opener Fidlar’s set (not going to bad mouth them, but I wasn’t a fan of their generic, frat-boy party rock (oops).


Pixies soon took the stage, and for the next 90 minutes they ran through about 30 of their tracks.   They played old favorite; they played new ones from the last two EPs;  they even threw in a cover of a Jesus and Mary Chain song (Head On). The crowd loved every second of it, with enthusiastic cheering between every song.  I would imagine it was the first time for most of us (especially considering how young the average age of the attendees seemed to be, maybe around 20, which makes most of the songs older than the people) to be able to see Pixies.  The band sounded great and any question that Pat playing bass would be an issue was alleviated.   She filled out the low end and played the songs with a mastery of the tunes and her instrument.  They played almost everything I wanted to hear, and I drove back to Maryland with a head full of music and good times! Kudos to the Electric Factory for being such a great venue to see bands of this level, big but not too big and with a great soundsystem (I prefer small and intimate settings, so these mega shows are a rarity for me).  I would like to see them again, but now will wait until they are playing a festival that I attend, or they pick a better DC or Baltimore venue the next go-around.

(image by me)


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