LTTLE PHNX – D’Esprit Luvrs

Sometimes you hear an artist and you think to yourself, “Damn, when the rest of the world hears this, they are going to be HUGE!” Of course due to the fickle nature of the internet, this doesn’t always happen.  But I can see big things in store for this artist.  From her Bandcamp page:

“D’Esprit Luvrs is the debut album from New Zealand’s lovelorn synth-siren Lttle Phnx (AKA Dancer/Singer/Synthesist: Lucy Beeler of Auckland City). A hypnotic nine tracks of heavy heart-throb beats, conflicted bass-dirge, and ethereal lamentation. Haunted-pop that has grown through teenage flirtations with the occult and black nail polish to deliver a luminous deep-blue-vs-black alternate-gothic-pop. D’Esprit Luvrs is an evocation of the Old Gods of Synth-Pop via Disintegration, an ode to the maturity of knowing you are happiest in Robert-Smithian outside-looking-in longing.

The album is available free on Crystal Magic Records Bandcamp page, but I would suggest tossing a few dollars their way. Follow this artist on Facebook.


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