Hexenjagd – Dragged to Hell 12


Dragged to Hell 12 is a collection of some of the latest dark electronic music, witch house, drone, etc that I have been digging lately.  No story for this one, no “concept”, just dope music.  From the Lightning Bolt member side project of Black Pus to the mellow witchy vibes of Moon Mirror, this mix runs the gamut of dark electronic music.

1. Force Publique – Today (Smashing Pumpkins cover)
2. twos – For You
3. Fifty Grand – Occulus
4. Crown Hutch – Breaker One No ( Party Trash and Nattimari NYC mix)
5. Moon Mirror – Terran 2075
6. bambara – Train Daze
7. Spell Hound – Perception
8. Bad News – Bath Salts
9. power windoze – Hey Love
10. Kiernan Paradise – Crystal Mind
11. babiwolf – E X I T
13. Beroshima – Hexaline
14. CRIM3S – stay ugly
15. Black Pus – OFF WITH HIS HEAD



Picture/cover by killsaly


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