Hexenjagd – Dragged to Hell 2


Part 2 of the Dragged to Hell mix series featured a few edits of my own, amongst pop and pop like tunes; dragged and distorted. Lady Gaga and DJ Pauly D fit right beside slowed Baltimore rap and the dark synth dirges of White Ring.  45 Minutes. Released March 2011.


320 kbps mp3


1. Childish Gambino – Starlight ft. DC Pierson and Amber Petty (Hexenjagd drag edit)
2. Rupaul – Call Me Starrbooty
3. Rapdragons – Natural Born Chillers (Rapdragons x Moss of Aura: Hexenjagd drag edit)
4. GuMMy†Be▲R! – Night With No Light feat. Zombelle
5. Dog Leather – Snap That Shit Off
6. GuMMy†Be▲R! – pokRFCERemx (Hexenjagd edit)
7. Lady Gaga – Born This Way (drag)
8. Audrey Hørne – SL∆VE
9. DJ Pauly D – (It’s Time To) Beat Dat Beat (drag)
10. White Ring – Hands 2 Hold U Down
11. Mariah Carey – Honey (paqman Remix)
12. zxz – getoveryou

(cover/photo by me, featuring my cat Snookie)


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