the Soft Moon and Majical Cloudz – Black Cat DC 1/20/2013

Last night I went to the Black Cat Club in DC (the small, “Backstage” area), to see two bands.  The Soft Moon was headlining and their opener was Majical Cloudz (see a few posts below to grab a link to a free album of theirs).  I did not really know what to expect from either band.  Majical Cloudz were a duo; a singer and a knob twiddling music man.  And pedals.  They played a mellow form of future r & b that I really dig.  Next up was the Soft Moon.  Three guys, and tons of volume.  Their set up included a bass player, a drummer who was also triggering samples and using other electronics, and a singer/guitar player who also played on a Moog and some bongos.  Their blistering set of darkwave inspired rock reminded me a bit of the sonic brutality of a Ceremony or A Place to Bury Strangers concert.  All in all it was a fun way to celebrate my birthday.





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