Majical Cloudz – II


Don’t you just love it when you are checking out the band that is opening for the band that you want to see, and you really like them?  That happened to me today.  I was checking out Majical Cloudz, a cleverly named band from Montreal, who are opening up for the Soft Moon in DC soon, when I realized that I could not miss this band. I will have to be there for the whole show. Poppy harmonies, fun melodies, but still with a little bit of a dark side to them.  Its very relaxing, and I recommend at least checking out their ‘pay what you will’ release from early in 2012, II, at Bandcamp. If that isnt enough to get excited, here is a quote from their Facebook page:


Majical Cloudz is a music project and performance event. Negative and ecstatic. Fun-loving. Seeking relationships with audiences to share transforming experiences.
So, that was the first of these posts.  I was posting random (usually free) releases on Facebook, but Facebook can be a bit fleeting, so here is this blog.  A place for me to share the bands and artists that I currently listen to;  a place to share where people can grab great music digitally either free from the artist, or very inexpensive digital releases.

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